Dennis Levy

Design Engineer (Electronic) /  Systems Architect




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Date of birth and Age

11 November 1960,    AGED 43

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South African

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Outside Interests

Horseriding, The great outdoors

Residential Area

Pretoria, South Africa

Drivers License

Extra heavy duty    (Code 14 EC & PDP)

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Non smoker, Social drinker

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cell       0837587758














BSc Electronic Engineering

Full light current curriculum

WITS - 1st & 2nd year
UCT  - 3rd & Final year

1979-1983 WITS
1989-1990 UCT

BSc Computer Science

Computer Science

UNISA 1st & 2nd year

1984 -1985


8 subjects

Pretoria Boys High




Total Professional Experience

18 Years







Silver Medal winner in the South African Mathematics Olympiad


Class representative, University of the Witwatersrand

Since 1981

Member of the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers


UNISA Merit Bursary for achievement in Computer Science examinations

Since 1987

Member of the Computer Society of South Africa


Promoted to Senior Technical Specialist at Infoplan


Award for Best Student in Professional Communications at the University of Cape Town


GRINEL (Grinaker Electronics) bursary for Electronic Engineering


Graduated in top 10% in Electronic Engineering, University of Cape Town


Received special recognition for forensic evidence revealing culprits in a major computer theft


Proposal on reengineering of Welfare systems contributes to CAPAM award.




Dennis Levy holds an Electronic Engineering Degree from the University of Cape Town. During his final year he also passed several postgraduate subjects for non-degree purposes, and graduated in the top 10%. He is highly motivated and a natural self-starter.

Much of Mr. Levy’s professional work has been multi-disciplinary in Engineering and IT environments. IT experience is primarily in the MS Windows environment but with some experience in mainframe (legacy) systems (primarily for interfacing). His multi-disciplinary background in both IT and engineering provide him with strong design skills. This broad background provides him with a major advantage over other candidates in delivering holistic solutions to real-word problems (as opposed to University project type solutions).  He has been particularly successful in large complex projects where major injections of technology are necessary. This is because his solid understanding of the relevant technologies and products enables him to see through the marketing hype to the real value of each technology to the project.

Mr. Levy always puts the needs of his employer first – His attitude is that only by bringing exceptional success to his employer will his employer be empowered to provide him with exceptional rewards.

Mr. Levy is a creative thinker and a generator of fresh ideas. He has a strong ability to recognise business opportunities and provide well-planned proposals to take advantage of them. He takes a planned, consultative, and financially conservative approach to projects. His management style leans strongly towards knowledge sharing. He strongly avoids charismatic or flamboyant decision-making.

Mr. Levy is particularly talented in both the design and re-engineering environments. This, linked with his ability to maintain a high level of technical skills across abroad range of technologies makes him a particularly strong business analyst.

Mr. Levy prides himself in the quality and value of his work and has an exceptional track record in this regard. He is competent in initiating, leading, and contributing technically to viable projects. He is recognized as a mentor and will always find the time to assist others when they require his support.



Notes to HR manager or agency          by Mr. Levy:


·            At times I worked as an Independent Contractor via my CC - BIZMAX SOLUTIONS. This has generally been successful on smaller projects, but is limited by the fact that for larger complex projects, the client is generally required to employ large “proven” companies. For this reason, I usually work via Consulting Houses who are successful in landing these contracts. However, I have no inherent objection to working in a full-time employee position.


·            I have personally initiated and led several major projects, for example: Department of Welfare Poverty Alleviation Project, Department of Finance Budgeting tool project (as a CSIR employee), PX/FastForward Internet project (as a contractor to Transnet). These are senior positions - I was not simply a participant in these projects.


·            I am dedicated to keeping up to date with technological developments. Even at 43 years of age I spend a lot of time studying and researching on the Internet.











BOC Edwards South Africa

Nov 2002 – current


(commis-sioning complete Oct 2003)

Package Engineer

Process Engineering position - Commissioning of new Nitrogen Trifluoride plant in Pelindaba.

Designed and managed the commissioning of plant instrumentation.

Responsible for all BOCESA IT Systems

Design changes to plant; Management of contractors.

Software development

Multi-disciplinary engineering
(Chemical, Electrical, Process Control)

Microsoft Environment:
SBS, ISA Server, OPC (OLE for Process Control), Visual Basic

Port Nolloth Sea Farms

Feb 2002 – Oct 2002

Project Leader

Initiate and lead an Innovation Fund initiative for beneficiation of South African kelp resources.

Value of the project is              

R7 700 000.

Biochemical Engineering

Project management

Laboratory scale piloting of extraction of Sodium Alginate from brown kelp.

Independently generate proposals and presentations on senior level.

Duferco Steel Processing,

Mar 2001- Nov 2001

Senior Systems Engineer
Design and Implementation of Processes and IT systems for Inventory Tracking, Stocktaking and design of Shipping and B2B EDI integration with Portnet System.
Also mentoring on various IT projects and problem solving on ERP system.

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR & BPI)
SQL Server and MS Access
VBA and VB


Barcoding and RFID
Wireless networking and PDA (Pocket PC) development.



Nov 1999 –     Feb 2001

Consultant / Contractor -

Various projects, including contracts with Department of Trade and Industry (Companies Office) and Department of Transport (NATIS)

Design and Implementation of Billing, MIS and Call Centre components for automation of SA Companies Regulatory Office.

Banking and eCommerce

Call centres

Informix database

SQL Server and MS Access

Web development


Tender Processes


Desktop Publishing


PC and MAC hardware

Department of Trade and Industry

Feb 1999 –     Oct 1999

Consultant -

Design and Implementation of Billing, MIS and Call Centre components for automation of SA Companies Regulatory Office.

Banking and eCommerce

Call centres

Informix database

SQL Server and MS Access

Web development


Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

Jan 1998 –     Jan 1999

Project Engineer

Business development

Design new processes and systems for crime prevention and border control.

Design of new systems and business processes for Department of Welfare

New system and software tools for consolidating budgets across national, provincial and local government.

Business process modeling, analysis and reengineering.

Ivar Jacobson “use case” methodology.

Project management using “Theory of Constraints” Methodology


Visual Basic 6

SQL Server and MS Access

Web development


MTN – Mobile Telephone Networks

Dec 1997

Consultant – new products

GSM, Oracle, Visual Basic, Intranet

PX - a division of Transnet

Sept 1994 –
Nov 1997

Consultant -

Design and Implementation of  PX INTERNET PROJECT

Document Imaging System

Proof Of Delivery CRM System

Visual Basic, SQL Server and MS Access development.

IVR & CTI development

Novell Netware 4.11 and Microsoft  NT4 WAN design and roll-out.

Grinaker Systems Technologies

Aug 1993  -
Aug 1994


Independent Consultant -

Development of multimedia kiosk

Development of a communication subsystem for Rural Education

Visual Basic

Interactive Multimedia software and hardware development

Custom wireless networks


Jan 1991  -
July 1993

Development Engineer, GROENSAT satellite project

Development of secure data link from satellite to earth

High speed digital microwave radio design

Space grade electronics.

Programmable logic

University of Cape Town

Feb 1989 – Nov 1990

Full-Time student

Received bursary from Grinel

BSc Electronic Engineering and Postgraduate subjects


May 1984 -
Feb 1989

Senior Technical specialist

Development of WAN network software.

Implement and administer Novell LANs

Turbo Pascal

Novell 2

IBM PC hardware design


WAN and LAN development




Reference from NEXPRO MD - Frik Lotter

Reference from BOC Edwards SA - Charles Berry

Engineering degree transcript  page 1

Engineering degree transcript  page 2

Engineering degree transcript  page 3

University Personal Reference

Professional Communications Award

Computer Science transcript

Computer Science Merit Bursary

Mathematics Olympiad Award

Mathematics Olympiad Certificate


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